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Meet Your Relationship Coach

"Handled correctly, your pain can become your power"
The Bible

Shelley Lewin is a locally and internationally accredited ICF PCC professional coach working in private practice in Cape Town. She specialises in a progressive approach called Relationship Coaching for Singles and Couples - a framework that assists individuals and couples in building long-term, loving and fulfilling relationships with themselves and others.

Shelley is the founder of The Relationship Architect and Dating Deliberately.

The business and brand 'The Relationship Architect' supports her mission to increase the amount of flourishing on the planet by enabling more people to craft a life and relationships that inspire and empower them.

It helps clients who are feeling 'stuck' to move forward in their lives and relationships by exploring options and then implementing the change that best suits them.

Relationship coaching encourages connectedness and enables intimacy, regardless of the structure e.g. traditional marriage, civil union, love triangles (threesome), same sex pairings or cross- generational mating. Traditional partnerships (heterosexual marriages to the opposite sex) are transforming and there is a movement toward different forms of relationships to accommodate our psycho-spiritual evolution.

The primary relationship we have is with oneself; this relationship is equally important and requires nurturing – it reflects in our secondary relationships with others.The quality of our relationship with ourselves determines the quality of the relationship we have with others.

The Scope of Relationship Coaching:

1. Individuals who are dating and looking to create a healthy committed partnership- the Dating Deliberately Process

2. Commitment/marriage preparation for life-partners-to-be wanting to maintain high levels of intimacy

3. Ambivalent couples deciding whether to stay together and move forward OR begin the separation process

4. Conflicting couples intending to improve intimacy and to reconnect with each other

5. Conscious uncoupling for unhappy couples who recognize that ending a relationship respectfully and honouring what was shared between two intimates provides closure and peace to begin afresh.