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The Dating Deliberately Process

"Love is a constant, consistent flow of life. It is the vehicle of prana. It is divine radiance. It is, ever was and ever shall be. Love is between you and you. It is an experience of oneself in oneself. Your soulmate is your own soul."
Yogi Bhajan

The Dating Deliberately service is a three-part process, the investment is paid in three stages.

How does Dating Deliberately work?

There are three stages in the process:

Stage 1: Relationship Coaching

A personal discovery and relationship readiness process called 'Relationship Coaching for Singles' will help you prepare for meeting and entering into meaningful, fulfilling partnerships.

This process consists of:
6 x one-on-one 90 minute coaching sessions to become 'Relationship Ready', which means you will:
• Discover how to choose a partner who is aligned with who you are and what you want
• Learn about the relationship competencies required to have sustainable meaningful partnerships
• Identify and eliminate limiting beliefs about love, relationships and dating
• Become aware of patterns of behaviour that are not serving you in romantic relationship
• Develop a strategy for meeting, screening and assessing prospective partners

Stage 2: External Make-Over - for men and women (optional)

• Celebrity Hairstylist Wayne Gates from at the Cape Town One and Only Resort will reconstruct your look. He will assess your hair, face shape, and provide you with the best hairstyle, cut and colour to suit your face and enhances your looks.
• The gorgeous ex-professional model and Fashion Consultant Zizi Louw will transform your appearance with styling advice, a wardrobe clear out and co-ordination. 14 years of styling experience, and access to her Bishops Court studio with a range of sophisticated clothing for all ages and shapes will have you confident for your future dates.

Stage 3: Lifetime Membership (optional)

This experience is for singles who are selective about the people they meet and for whom quality and not quantity is a priority. Only after the 'Relationship Readiness' process is complete and you are a SAGE (Screened, Aware, Groomed, Earnest) are you entered into the database with other 'Relationship Ready' clients for personal introductions.

We pride ourselves in selecting suitable matches who are aligned in core values and non-negotiables; guaranteeing compatibility (leaving chemistry only, to be determined).

The Relationship Coaching for Singles has two purposes:

1. The process assists you to become prepared and skilled for meeting and creating a healthy love relationship. Preparation includes looking at attitudes, choices and patterns of behaviour that are not working for you in creating loving relationships. Skills include the practical elements of dating as well as understanding the relationship competencies required for sustainable partnerships.

2. The process allows Shelley to get a very clear sense of her 'SAGEs' and who will be an appropriate match for them. It takes profiling to a new depth, which allows her to match clients with more than just preferences for height, weight, education, common interests, etc. Clients are aligned on core values and 'non-negotiables' – information which is extracted throughout the process.