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Relationship Coaching Testimonials

"How do you manifest or attract a loved one, a personification of your soulmate? Integrate yourself – know, be and love yourself!"
Dr J Demartini

We honour our clients' choice for confidentially so names have been omitted.

Happy Client 1:

I arrived at Shelley with a divorce and a long-term failed relationship fresh in my mind. Self belief was very low. Shelley built me up, helped me understand the fundamentals of a successful relationship and made me into an architect of my own destiny.

I have learnt many invaluable tools to ensure I meet the "RIGHT" person for me, which will ensure a better chance of the relationship working.

I would recommend Shelley's coaching to all single people looking to build a sustainable future relationship .

Happy Client 2:

I learned SO much from the sessions: insight on "the Architecture of Relationships" and the importance of needing a solid foundation; "Needs versus Non-Negotiables" was extremely useful; as was your communication model. You are so willing to share your knowledge and information and are not protective over your "intellectual property"! I really appreciated that. You are professional yet warm and it is obvious that you have a vast amount of knowledge in the area of relationships. Wish I could have learnt more from you! Thank you!

Happy Client 3:

Exploring my life through a relationship lens helped me to view myself differently and as such, I was able to identify patterns in behaviour that previous therapy and coaching had not uncovered. My ability to assert my own needs without feeling selfish has increased and I am now also able to make requests for support without feeling weak. I have been communicating on a much more adult level in my close personal relationships and have been much more authentic as a result. The most significant shift has been in mindset, being able to forgive myself for the past and focus on the present and avoid behaviour patterns that are debilitating and sapping my energy.

Happy Client 4:

I cannot thank you enough for the inspiration, guidance and wisdom that you are offering and sharing with me. The time that I spend with you is very special to me, and I want you to know what an enormous impact you have on my life while assisting me on my journey. I want to learn as much as I can from you.

Happy Client 5:

Before this I felt like I was lost in my single life. After a traumatic break-up the main question that I needed to establish an answer to was "Am I ready to move on and potentially start a new relationship?" I am now very much aware of aspects I need to build and work on in order to even attempt to form a sound and stable foundation for a potential relationship. I plan to do this through further individual classes as well as working on aspects/ components on building a solid foundation on ME before I get into a relationship.

Happy Client 6:

You have set me on my journey of self discovery, which is the most amazing gift anyone has ever given me. The journey so far along this path has already transformed me into a completely different being, and for this I cannot thank you enough.

Happy Client 7:

You are clearly invested in what you do and in your clients, you are very professional in your approach. This instills trust in a process that as adults we feel at some level should have worked out naturally. You show up authentically, not as a specialist, but as yourself – refreshing and open-hearted. I enjoyed our time together and now I won't waste time with someone who is unwilling or unable to speak the language of healthy, sustainable relationship.

Happy Client 8:

Your coaching has been so profound that you have fundamentally changed the way I think, the way I see myself, the way I see others and the way in which I evaluate my life and my purpose. You have made me realise what a powerful tool love can be and how love can change people and tear down boundaries. You have made me realise that a purposeful, fulfilled life is just a thought away. You have made consciously aware of whether my decisions and actions are life supporting or non life supporting. You have made me love myself. And because I love myself I can love everyone else even more!

Happy Client 9:

Unfortunately, I did not complete the sessions, but chatting to you has made me do some soul searching and I got to know myself a bit better! Your model has made me think about qualities I should work on and has made me realise that I never really thought about the qualities I would like my partner to possess.

Happy Client 10:

I felt a good energy from you which is important to me, to get on with someone who you go to, be it coaching, massage, whatever. If I didn't like you I would not have felt comfortable talking to you and exposing my vulnerable side.

Happy Client 11:

I still, (almost on a daily basis) recommend you to my friends and family. Although it is something new to many people, I do not hesitate to share this life changing experience!

Happy Client 12:

I enjoyed how you shared from your own personal experiences. This helped me to relate and connect. I found many things helpful, but to start with, I found of particular interest the importance of having the need for a stable foundation built on fertile ground. Now I can consider this going into my next relationship. A particular highlight for me was learning that a structure exists which one can work with going into a new relationship and with "eyes wide open". Being aware and more objective, I will focus on the pillars of a successful relationship, instead of simply the chemistry and intuition. Thank you for this revelation.

Happy Client 13:

I believe that MANY people, young and old, live their lives with blinkers on, not understanding how to manage their behaviour, or their partners' behaviour, resulting in a build-up of "baggage" and unresolved issues. For me, I needed to be exposed to the possibility that the "Architecture of Relationship" provides a formulated framework to improve myself, for me to realise that I did not want to live my life with blinkers on. Without this exposure it may still have taken me many more years to realise this.

Happy Client 14:

Thanks so much for the wonderful lecture. I gained so much knowledge. One is never too old to learn! I gained insight in why I had so many failed relationships and how I can approach them differently. I learnt that if your foundation is not solid, your relationship may not survive. The presentation was excellent. It could possibly be spread over two sessions, as there is so much to absorb. Thanks so much.

Happy Client 15:

You are a likeable professional who has passion for what you do and you sincerely want to make a difference in other people's lives. You are knowledgeable and well read, which made the sessions interesting and resourceful.

Happy Client 16:

Shelley you have been such a blessing in my life, and if you continue to do such great work, you will make the world a better place!! Last week I attended a research group for professionals relating to private banking. One of the questions on our registration form was, "Who inspires you the most?" and I wrote "Shelley Lewin – New Life Coach"! In response to the question "Why", I wrote "Because she has taught me to live my life with purpose, balance and passion."